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Projects We've Done

  • Lutheran Hospital
  • Parkview North
  • Parkview Noble
  • The Landmark
  • Lima & Dupont Strip Mall
  • Cornerstone Strip Mall
  • Northside Elementary
  • Turtle Creek Elementary
  • Dehayes Building
  • IPFW Dorms
  • CVS
  • Walgreens
  • Granite City Brewery
  • Inverness Medical Building


Fall Town & Country Home Tour 2017

Fort Wayne, IN

Nob Brick & Fireplace Showroom

Mason's Village- Auburn
Westport Homes
1505 Quinten Drive
Allendale HIll Queen/Nat

Quail Creek - Fort Wayne
Heller Homes
1644 Breckenridge Pass
Western Black Walnut/Nat
Heatilator DV3732

Bristoe - Fort Wayne
Heller Homes
3129 Bristoe Lane
Heatilator DV3732

Grey Hawk - Fort Wayne
Westport Homes
12837 Page Hill Court
Heatilator Rave

Summerwind - Fort Wayne
Westport Homes
5918 Summerwind Place
Ripley Queen/Nat
Heatilator See-Thru

Whisper Rock - Fort Wayne
Lancia Homes
14948 Whisper Rock Blvd
Heatilator DV3732

Ravenswood - Fort Wayne
Lancia Homes
13310 Ravenswood Blvd
Heatilator DV3732

Morgan Creek - Fort Wayne
Westport Homes
4607 Aylers Lane
Heatilator Rave

Glen Hollow - Fort Wayne
Westport Homes
1767 Glen Hollow Drive
Heatilator Rave

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